As brokers for many of the largest list compilers we offer you a wide range of lists to compliment your marketing campaigns.

Business Lists - Choose businesses across the U.S. by:
Line of business, number of employees, sales, years in business...

Educators Lists - Schools or Teachers across the U.S. by:
School type (public vs private), grades (K to 12), Universities...
Reach teachers at home

Consumers across the U.S. by:
Age, household annual income, gender, presence or age of children,
psychographics, occupation...

Registered Voters in the state of Hawaii
State law restricts use of this list to campaigns only. 

We combine our extensive data cleansing and deduping experience with data compilers and the analytic company, DataReward to give you the ammunition you need improve your marketing objectives.

  • List enhancement - Too often, list enhancement ends up being a useless and costly endeavor.  List enhancement begins with determining your goals and analysis of your list. Then we go out to the various data compilers and run tests on your data to identify which one will give us the best results and value.  Only after we have determined you can obtain the results you desire do we run the costly task of appending demographic and psychographic data elements.
  • Phone number processing  - Verify existing phone numbers, append new phones, flag Do Not Call
  • E-mail address - Verify and/or append to your list
  • Simple Response Analysis - Using our advanced matching systems we compare your mailing list to a list of new customers to identify your responders.  Reports and graphs are then generated in Excel and the responders can be provided to you for additional research by your staff.
  • Advanced Response Analysis - Similar to the above but includes data enhancement and modeling with the goal of identifying segments that are most likely to respond.  This allows you to fine-tune your segmenting and marketing message to improve the ROI of your campaigns. 
  • Customer Profiling - This works hand-in-hand with Data Enhancement.  After data enhancement the data is statistically analyzed to identify the various demographic and psychographic segments that make up your customer base.  The goal is to identify and categorize your most important customer base and to evaluate and align your marketing efforts.