We have over 20 years of experience cleaning, standardizing and providing lists of Hawaii registered voters to individuals campaigning for elected office as well as the local AFL-CIO, Hawaii Carpenters Union, Machinist Union and mailing companies.

Our list has the following features:

  • Updated by matches to the USPS National Change of Address database
  • Names and addresses are converted to upper-lower case by our proprietary case converter for a more personal appeal
  • Householded to save you money
  • Household codes provided so you can alter the householding if you desire
  • Resident addresses have been parsed and street numbers and unit numbers formatted so you can create Odd/Even walking lists correctly sorted
  • Phone numbers available
  • Ethnic coding available
  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) Registration Flags
  • History of voting absentee vs at the polls since the 1996 election allows you to select the best households for mailing and provides valuable information when walking your district.
  • New - Permanent Absentee flag indicating if the individual has signed-up to receive all ballots by mail

Please note that Hawaii State Revised Statutes §3-172-31, limits the use of this list to approved purposes.  This list may only be purchased for uses such as campaigning for elected office.  This list may not be used for any marketing purposes directly or indirectly.  Unlawful use of the list will result in prosecution by our local government.  Penalties include fines and/or imprisonment.  If you are unsure if qualify for the list you may inquire at Office of Elections, phone: (808) 453-8683 or toll free: (800) 442-8683