DataCraft, Inc. is a Hawaii corporation established in 1997.  And yes it's true, it is hard to do business here; the photo above is of Lanikai Beach just 10 minutes from our office. 

Even so, with great force of will and commitment to customer satisfaction and not to mention our experience with converting, cleaning and standardizing some of the rawest data imaginable since 1988, we are pleased to have created a service our clients can trust.

If you are frustrated with the limitations of your data processors and can't get answers to questions like, "How did 5% of my VIP customers disappear from my file?" or "How did my name get changed from John to Jane?"; then you should give us a try.  Should we ever be in error, we can and will tell you exactly how it happened in minutes or hours, not days and weeks.  And most importantly, we will work with you to correct any error and ensure that it won't happen again.

One caveat, although we do process files of more than a million records regularly, we do our best work with files under 300,000.  This is because we invest extra time in checking your data and checking our processes.  If you have files of a million plus records it's not a problem, we work with those all the time; however our initial projects with you will require a longer turn-around time as we become familiar with your data

Providing you with accurate and dependable data processing is important to us and we are proud of the quality and integrity of our work.  We hope you will contact us soon to see if our particular level of service will meet your marketing needs.


Steven Hinaga, President DataCraft Incorporated